Chief of Staff Resume Examples

Chief of Staff Resume Examples: How to craft a resume tailored to getting a Chief of Staff job

The chief of staff role has become increasingly common in recent years, especially in large organizations. The chief of staff acts as a senior advisor to the CEO or other top executive. This critical position requires strong strategic thinking, project management, communication, and leadership skills.

If you currently work as a chief of staff or are looking to transition into this role, having a well-written resume that highlights your relevant abilities will help you stand out from the crowd. This blog provides chief of staff resume examples, writing tips, and key skills to feature. Read on to learn how to craft a compelling resume that lands chief of staff job interviews.

Chief of Staff Resume Summary Example

A resume summary draws attention to your most relevant qualifications near the top of your resume. For a chief of staff role, focus on your experience with regard to taking on projects independently, ramping up from 0 to 1 on special projects at short notice, stakeholder management, change management, and general organizational ability.

Here is an example chief of staff resume summary:

Strategic, innovative management consultant with 9+ years advising executives at Fortune 500 companies and startups. Support CEOs and leadership teams by developing solutions to high-level organizational priorities. Exceptional communicator skilled at building consensus among diverse stakeholders. Recognized for project management expertise and ability to implement new initiatives on time and under budget.

Chief of Staff Work Experience Examples

The work experience or professional experience section provides the details that back up your resume summary. Use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities and achievements that lend itself nicely to the chief of staff job. Quantify your accomplishments with numbers and data when possible.

Some examples of responsibilities that translate well to a chief of staff role include:

- Coordinating CEO’s priorities and schedule across multiple stakeholders

- Preparing presentations and communications on behalf of executives

- Leading initiatives and projects involving company-wide changes or improvements

- Building relationships with internal and external partners and influencers

- Contributing strategic ideas and solutions to executive team discussions

- Forecasting future company needs and directions

Chief of Staff Skills and Qualifications

Employers look for specific technical and soft skills when hiring a chief of staff. This section provides a snapshot of your capabilities. Include around 6 key skills that match the position description.

Here are examples of important chief of staff skills to list:

- Strategic thinking and planning

- Data analysis

- Project management

- Team leadership

- Relationship building

- Written and verbal communication

- Organizational skills

Other options include budget management, change management, critical thinking, collaboration, interpersonal skills, and research. Only include skills you can demonstrate through past experience.

Work experience and fields that lend themselves nicely to a Chief of Staff role

The chief of staff position generally requires significant experience in a fast-paced, complex professional environment.

Common career paths that prepare someone to take on a chief of staff job include consulting, investment banking, operations, and military service.

Consultants develop strong critical thinking and strategic planning skills that translate well to an executive support role.

Investment Bankers are analytical and can help take on financial responsibilities, fundraising, etc.

Operations managers gain experience coordinating cross-functional initiatives and troubleshooting issues, also useful as a chief of staff.

Military veterans have training in leadership, organizational dynamics, and decision-making under pressure – all core chief of staff competencies.

A strategic, results-driven chief of staff resume can open doors to exciting new career opportunities. Showcase your executive advising abilities, leadership talents, and management expertise with a compelling resume. Use the examples and guidance in this article to develop your own chief of staff resume.